Using Office 365?

Want to be in control of your content lifecycle?

Records Center not enough?

extaStor 365. Enterprise Class Records Management for Office 365.

extaStor 365 for Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 provides a great collaborative environment for the creation, management and sharing of organic information that is early in its lifecycle, but what next?

Once documents have reached a point in their lifecycle where they need to become records, Office 365 Records Centre serves a purpose if your records requirement is uncomplicated but will not meet the needs of most organizational filing requirements.

Useful for simple filing, the Office 365 Records Centre does not cater for more sophisticated customer needs and is not designed to provide readily leverageable ways of demarking and managing filing in ways familiar and required by Records Managers.

Leveraging the intrinsic extensibility of Office 365 and the power of the Azure Cloud, extaStor 365 provides a seamless, end-to-end filing experience that supports even the most sophisticated of Records requirements.

Built as a multi-tenant Microsoft Office 365 Addin, extaStor 365 doesn’t require installation into your Office 365 tenancy, instead running as a consented Addin  providing you maximum functionality with very limited management and operational overhead.

Records Management. Cloud Powered. Simplified.

How Does it Work?

Tight integration between your Office 365 tenant and our Azure powered storage vaults provides performance, security and scale.

Where Does it Live?

Designed, developed and built for the cloud. Cloud first. Never ported. Never compromised. extaStor 365 is built from the cloud up.

extaStor Features

Served from Microsoft infrastructure. Built on Microsoft platforms. Designed by Microsoft experts. The DNA of extaCloud is ‘all in’.
My job is sales. I’m focused on my team hitting its numbers.

I don’t want to be concerned with ensuring all documentation for each customer deal is kept together.

Organisational Content Types allow me to declare Records into customer fileplan nodes regardless of where the source document resides in SharePoint.

Less time spent collating documents means more time selling for my team. Jonathan

Sales Manager

Azure Powered Records Management

extaStor 365 leverages the considerable opportunity afforded by the serverless compute capabilities of Microsoft Azure to bring a tightly integrated records management experience to Office 365 without the need to install and manage software or server components within your infrastructure, regardless of whether it is on-premises or within an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hosted fabric.

Utilizing a number of Azure capabilities, the extaStor 365 Vault Instance Engine provides a limitless secure storage capability to enable extaStor 365 to maintain unchained, immutable records enabling compliance with even the most robust of requirements.

With tight client-side integration with Office 365 at the core of the user experience with extaStor 365, users benefit from familiar actions and cues that empowers ease of use thus aiding in the adoption of Records Management without the sense of burden often felt by users.