User Driven Declare

Users can decide when the time to declare is right either direct from a library or driven by workflow.

Simple Admin

extaStor has a simple admin interface enabling you to focus on your records, not your infrastructure.

Status Dashboards

Single-Point-of-Truth based reporting quickly informs on vault and record status. Clear visuals keep it simple.

Familiar Interface

Seamless integration to Office 365 for both the Modern and Classic SharePoint UI.

Immutable Storage

Records are records. They can’t be altered. Lifecycle is controlled by policy.

Action Polices

Event based action policies enable control over record review and disposal.

Metadata Support

Support for structured or unstructured metadata regardless of source in SharePoint Online.


Choose at point of declaration to vault many documents from a list or library applying metadata to all.

Entity Metadata

Organisational Content Types provide support for cross-organisation entity-to-record mapping.